Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan

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Handmade in France

Significantly lighter than cast iron or stainless steel, naturally non stick after seasoning, you will end up using this pan all the time, whether to sear steaks, sauté vegetables, prepare a pasta dish or to fix an omelette. With a cooking surface of 9", the 12.5" fry pan is the ideal size for cooking meats evenly, or cooking large amounts of food without overcrowding the pan. Perfect when you're cooking a meal for 6-8 people.

Follow seasoning instructions for a naturally nonstick cooking surface.

• Made of Iron and Carbon
• Naturally nonstick after seasoning without any chemical coating
• Traditional French handle made of epoxy covered steel, riveted
• Lyonnaise shape for flipping foods

Diameter: 8" / 9.5" / 11"

Cooking surface: 5.5" / 6.9" / 8.3"

Thickness: 2mm