Charcoal Gingham Bowl Covers

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Made in France

This set of 4 dish covers of assorted sized is perfect for covering your leftovers, storing your food, and helping you eliminate or reduce the use of aluminum foil or plastic.

- Adapts to many types of dishes, bowls, plates, of any shape (round, square, etc.) and sizes ranging from from dishes ranging from 3 in. to 14 in.

Zero waste: these dish covers prevent you from using single-use papers, and are infinitely reusable.

Perfect for keeping in the fridge, but also outside to cover a cake, a fruit bowl, leftover bread. Protection from pesky critters during the warmer months!


We recommend that you wash your caps with your usual laundry and air dry, if possible.

Use a gentle detergent to maintain quality. You can also iron them if you prefer - but no need. If you decide to, the easiest way is to place them directly, once dry, on a bowl, and press with an iron and you're done!

Warning: Do not microwave.