• Enamel Saucepan

Enamel Saucepan

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Made in Austria

Every kitchen needs a saucepan and our enamel version is in a form that everyone in Austria is familiar with. Thanks to the practical spout and long handle, liquids such as milk, water, soup and sauces can be served easily without a drop being spilt.
The saucepan is a much-loved helper in the kitchen and can even also be used as a milk pan.


  • Saucepan with spout
  • Rolled rim
  • Enamel handle with hole so that it can be hung up
  • White
  • Diameter 4.72 in
  • Capacity 0.5L or 0.75L
  • Suitable for all types of cookers (gas, electric, ceramic, induction, open flame)
  • For energy-efficient cooking
  • Cut and scratch-resistant
  • Suitable for people with nickel allergies
  • Easy to clean