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Hi-Iro Donabe

Hi-Iro Donabe
Hi-Iro Donabe

Hi-Iro Donabe


Donabe is the Japanese word for 'clay pot' and describes the traditional Japanese earthenware pot that can be used directly over an open flame. This beautiful and authentic Japanese clay pot is designed by the all-female design collective called 'Homeland' and handcrafted using traditional methods and the highly prized earthware clay from largest prehistoric lake in Japan, Lake Biwa.  Considered a classic-style donabe, this Homeland donabe can be used for stewing, braising and cooking a variety of dishes including 'hot pot dishes' and shabu-shabu.

7.5'' x 9'' D
68 fl oz.

Care Instructions:
Gas stove only and microwave safe.  Not recommended for use on an electric or induction stove.  Not oven safe. Never shock the dish by moving it quickly from cold to hot, or vice versa. Warm it slowly over low heat to start, and never submerge a hot pot in water. Never heat the pot while empty or when the bottom is wet, as it may cause the clay to crack.  Never soak or leave liquid in the pot for longer than it takes to cook and serve as it may cause molding. Each pot should be seasoned according to included instructions before use.


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