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Floral Measuring Vessel

Floral Measuring Vessel

Floral Measuring Vessel


Made in Austria

The measuring vessel, or measuring jug, can be used to measure out ingredients for cooking and baking such as flour, sugar, milk, water and other cold or hot liquids. One of the two scales on the inside of the measuring vessel, or measuring jug, displays the capacity in centilitre increments and the other in ¼ or 1/8 litres (depending on the size of the measuring vessel), as this is the traditional unit of measurement used for liquids in Austria.

The measuring jug has a convenient handle on the side, as well as a spout which allows the liquids to be poured out easily. The rim of the measuring vessel is curved – this is known as a rolled rim in enamel terms.

0.5L or 1L capacity


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