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Seville Orange & Chamomile Marmalade

Seville Orange & Chamomile Marmalade
Seville Orange & Chamomile Marmalade
London Borough of Jam

Seville Orange & Chamomile Marmalade


Jam from the London Borough of Jam. These jams are cooked for a shorter time compared to generic brands, using natural, unrefined sugars and no commercial pectins. The flavour is honest and unadulterated; it is fruit-driven, rather than sugar-driven. The preserves combine seasonal fruits – sourced in the UK, France, Italy and Spain. LBJ preserves contain no more than 4 ingredients and are dairy free & vegan. 

Our second Marmalade has its foundation in the traditional Seville oranges, with the twist of chamomile. Like all LBJ jams, the chamomile isn't an infusion, it is part of the recipe, with little chamomile flowers in each jar. It is best on toast, keeping it simple. Ingredients: unrefined caster sugar, Seville oranges, chamomile flowers & sea salt.


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